Experiences from skiers Lindsey Vonn and Heidi Kloser show how families help Olympians.

U.S. Olympic downhill skier and gold medalist Lindsey Vonn shared her feelings about her mother's love on the "Today" show this week. "It's everything," she said about her support system. "I mean, especially when I've been injured the last two years now. Having people around you that love you and care about you no matter what, whether you win or lose. That's what kind of keeps you going. ... To have the P&G thank you for mothers is amazing because moms don't ever get that recognition that they deserve." Due to a knee injury, Vonn had to withdraw from this year's winter Olympics. She recently walked down the runway for the The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection fashion show with crutches. "Vonn ... was clearly making the most of her time off the slopes as she joined some 20 other women at the Red Dress Collection, an annual event that has become the traditional kickoff to New York Fashion Week. It features celebrities from various fields strutting the runway to bring awareness to heart disease," a CBS article said. Vonn was on the "Today" show to promote the NBC special "How to Raise an Olympian" that aired Wednesday. The special was presented by P&G in connection with its "Thank You, Mom" campaign. Vonn's interview with "Today" featured clips from the special. "You can't always win, so you have to work through that and there will always be another race," Vonn's mother says in a clip from "How to Raise an Olympian." In another story of family help overcoming defeat, first-time Olympian Heidi Kloser faced injury before making it to the official races. In the warmup for the qualifying run, Kloser tore her ACL and broke her femur. Like Vonn, Kloser felt the support and love of her parents. "When she was in the ambulance, she asked Emily and me if she was still an Olympian. ... We said of course she is!" Heidi's father Mike wrote on Facebook. Her mother also shared her feelings of pride and love for her daughter. "I am still in disbelief over what just happened to Heidi Kloser tonight. I am so amazed at what poise, strength and character she had through the whole ordeal tonight. I could not be more proud of my little girl for that than if she has won the gold medal." Even with the injury, a smile and thumbs up in a tweet from Heidi shared her excitement to walk in the Opening Ceremony.%3Cimg%20src%3D%22http%3A//beacon.deseretconnect.com/beacon.gif%3Fcid%3D143794%26pid%3D46%22%20/%3E