When "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" rolls into theaters this weekend, you'll see a lot of Jennifer Lawrence dressed from head to toe in blue.

The actress reprises her role of shapeshifter Mystique from "X-Men: First Class," Mystique, who has blue skin and yellow eyes. 

During a recent appearance on "The Tonight Show," Lawrence told Jimmy Fallon how many hours it takes to get transformed into the sleek villainess.

"It used to take eight, which is lovely," said Lawrence. "Now it only takes three."

To get through that eight-hour process, Lawrence said she would either stand or sit on a bicycle to be painted. 

(You can watch the clip below.)

This time around, the prep time is a lot shorter because the actress is only being painted from the neck up. Lawrence previously told E! Online she would be wearing a body suit for "Days of Future Past" because the body paint irritated her skin. 

Here's how she looks in the new film:

In the special features for “X-Men: First Class,” Frances Hannon, head of the makeup and hair department, said they did at least 20 tests — painting different women — to find the right shade of blue for Lawrence’s character.

Lawrence said Mystique’s scales were attached first, followed by three layers of blue paint airbrushed onto her, and then another five layers of what the actress called a splattering effect were applied.

According to Hannon, it would take six girls about seven hours to paint her full body. 

"I know that everyone feels sorry for me, but it's so much fun," added Lawrence. "It's like a sleepover, except I'm naked and getting painted."

Here's the final product:

First, watch Lawrence get transformed into Mystique.

Now, here's Lawrence's interview with Fallon.

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