Now here's a value proposition: a robot that makes custom cocktails for you at the push of a touchscreen button.

That's the idea behind Barobot, a Kickstarter project coming out of the UK that seeks £90,000 (roughly $152,000 USD) to bring this thing to life.

After you enter your drink order, your glass runs the alcohol gauntlet, stopping underneath whichever mixers the recipe calls for. Barobot dispenses the appropriate proportions and moves the glass to its next destination until you have a fully mixed drink. It has an upgradable drink database and obviously allows you to enter in your own custom recipes.

Barobot is even open source. If you were so inclined, you could build your own from the official plans.

This is sure to be an equal hit for house parties and lonely Wednesday nights at home.

Here's the sticking point — it's pricey. They're asking £949/$1,600 to buy a build-it-yourself kit (no special skills required, they liken the assembly process to Legos) or £1,479/$2,500 to buy one pre-assembled.

Check out the full pitch video below. If you're into it, give them your money.

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