Vernon Parish sheriff Sam Craft would like to make area residents aware of a reported online scam.

Vernon Parish sheriff Sam Craft would like to make area residents aware of a reported online scam.

According to a news release, the sheriff’s office was contacted by an area resident who indicated that she had been contacted by a person known to her on Facebook.

She indicated that a conversation was held via Facebook through its private messenger.

She related that during the course of conversation, they were told that there are federal government grant programs through the World Bank for which they may qualify.

The other person represented themselves as a United States grant agent and encouraged the complainant to apply for an online grant. She was instructed that money would be delivered via the UPS company, according to the release.

The resident was also asked to send a specific amount of money to receive the grant proceeds.

She contacted her acquaintance by telephone and discovered that the person's Facebook account had been compromised. The acquaintance was not responsible for the communication or solicitation of money.

Craft would like to remind residents to be cautious when contacted online regarding any type of financial transaction.

If you are contacted via social media by an acquaintance who is soliciting money, please attempt to confirm by other means that you are in fact communicating with that person. Give them a call and get verbal verification or denial of the social media communication.

Internet crimes are becoming more prevalent within our society and additional measures to ensure privacy need to be taken by citizens. Never assume the person on the other end of an electronic communication is 100 percent bona fide, especially if they are asking for money, access to accounts, passwords or other personally-identifying information. Keep in mind that friends or family should never try to talk you into divulging such information.