EVANS — Jim West has moved far beyond the boundaries of Vernon Parish.

EVANS — Jim West has moved far beyond the boundaries of Vernon Parish.

Growing up in Cottonwood, in western Vernon Parish, he graduated from Hammond High School and now currently resides in the country of Dubai, where he works as a cyber security specialist.

But his imagination and ability to write has netted him a new title, that of a children’s book author.

West was in town early last week, not only signing copies of his new book, Libellus de Numeros, but also visiting his old school out at Evans.

While visiting students at Evans, his message was clear. With education, you can take yourself to unknown heights.

“I want kids to know they can move beyond the city limits,” West said. “They can take themselves as far as they want to go with education.”

As a youngster, West lived in Cottonwood with his two sisters and foster mother, while attending Evans High School. He remembers many Saturdays spent with his sisters and foster mom shopping in Leesville.

“We went food shopping on Saturday and out for a day on the town,” he fondly recalled.

In 1994, he moved to Hammond, where he finished high school and briefly attended Southeastern Louisiana University before embarking on a career in computer technology.

And though he has continued to progress through his career to more demanding positions, he has always had a penchant for writing.

“I always had a good imagination and I had won state writing awards in the fifth and sixth grades for short stories,” he said. “As for book writing, I started on this book more than 10 years ago, and only last summer did I actually commit to finishing it.”

Libellus de Numeros can be characterized as part of the fantasy genre. Those are the books West admits to being a fan of.

“I have always been a fan of fantasy,” he said. “Books can take you places both real and imaginary.”

Libellus de Numeros is the story of 12-year-old Alex, who gets transported to another world where math and Latin combine forces to create magic. Along the way, she faces a great deal of adversity, learning to cope with issues such as anger, sacrifice and loss, which are captured within the plot as life lessons.

“The main character of Alex is a 12-year-old girl who I wrote as a combination of both of my daughters,” West said. “I wanted to write a very real, authentic character that not only my girls could identify with, but every girl in the world could. I want to offer a character young women could look up to and relate to.”

West also wanted to give his readers a new look at mathematics.

“The concept was to give young readers a new perspective on math and hopefully inspire and motivate them to pursue studies among the science, technology, engineering and mathematic careers.”

Additionally, West is hoping his “Magicae Mathematica” series of books will promote his campaign of making a difference in the world.

“The missing variable is what everybody can be,” West said. “My campaign of ‘Change the Equation, Change the World’ is really promoting that everyone can be part of that change we need.”