Some people have thoughts come to them and they just let it go. Others write down those thoughts.

Some people have thoughts come to them and they just let it go. Others write down those thoughts.

But for Lisa Banados, those thoughts were eventually transformed into a book. Now, she has three published faith-based books, including the recently released “Strength in the Storm.”

According to Banados, the reason she writes is quite simple … she wants people to know there is hope through the Lord.

“My main goal is to be a blessing to someone else,” she said. “And, I want to shed the light of Jesus to a dark world, to give people hope so they can be inspired.”

Banados, originally from San Jose, Calif., has been in Louisiana since 2005 as her husband was stationed at Fort Polk. Upon his retirement, they decided to stay in Leesville and purchased a home in the past couple of years.

But her writing career began in 2004 when her first book was published, “Hearing the Voice of God.”

She recalls how that particular book came together.

“I would be at a red light and something would come to me,” she said. “I would write it down on a small piece of paper or a napkin, whatever was available. Eventually, it turned into a book.”

Some six years later, Banados was inspired to write a book on raising the teenage child. Using a combination of scriptures from both the Old Testament and New Testament, the book “Parenting with a Purpose” was born.

Most recently, Banados has had a third book released. “Strength in the Storm” was released on June 2 and is available, as are all of her books, at Jillybeans and The Gift Gallery in Leesville and at Unique Boutique in DeRidder.

This most recent work speaks on how the Lord is with you through the most difficult times in your life. Drawing from personal experiences and from what others have spoken with her about, Banados sheds light on how to work through the circumstances surrounding death, health issues and other on-going storms.

“My family has gone through many trials and tribulations and I thought that needed to be shared,” she said. “There’s a thought process for some who try to run from their problems. But even in our weakest moments, the Lord is there for all of us. In fact, the Lord is more there during the storms.”

All three books are also available at Barnes & Noble, at and at her personal Web site,