ROSEPINE — Upon her graduation from McNeese State University in the fall of 1998, Carolyn Bosley had absolutely no intention of being anything other than an elementary school teacher.

ROSEPINE — Upon her graduation from McNeese State University in the fall of 1998, Carolyn Bosley had absolutely no intention of being anything other than an elementary school teacher.

She had never wanted to be an administrator. The thought never even crossed her mind.

“I had never considered being an administrator until the year I worked as an instructional coach at Rosepine Elementary,” she said. “That’s when I decided to go back and get my master’s in administration.”

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Bosley became the assistant principal at RES in July of 2012, but moved up to the principal’s slot at the school in January of 2013.

Now, just a couple of years later, Bosley is now the 2016 Overall Principal of the Year for the state of Louisiana, recently picking up that honor at the Ninth Annual Cecil J. Picard Excellence Symposium and Celebration.

“This all goes back to the students and the teachers at Rosepine Elementary,” Bosley said. “It was a win for all of the hard work we put into it. I wish the students and the teachers could have been there with me. The award belongs to all of us.”

Upon the announcement of her victory, Bosley was admittedly stunned.

“Everyone was just so good and I felt so unworthy to be there,” Bosley said. “I just remember burying my face in my hands. I couldn’t believe it.”

Bosley can credit the success she has had in her career from her days as an athlete at Anacoco High School.

She was a part of several great Lady Indian teams over her four-year career. She graduated in 1989 from the school, but didn’t get her teaching degree until 1998 at McNeese.

She worked at Pickering Elementary right after graduation and moved to Rosepine Elementary soon after that. Bosley has taught nearly every grade in elementary school.

But it was the year she served as an instructional coach, which sparked her interest in administration. She continued to teach as she worked on her Master’s, working with hearing impaired students in Vernon Parish.

“That was such a great experience,” Bosley said. “Working with them was a new experience, but one that was a true blessing.”

In July of 2012, Bosley moved into the assistant principal’s job at Rosepine Elementary, which was struggling academically. With a school performance score of 81, which is a C, she was determined to help change things.

That became even more of a goal when she took over as principal of the school just six months later.

“We needed to change the morale of the school. We needed to change the atmosphere,” Bosley said. “I stepped out there and met with every student and every teacher and told them that we were going to be champions.”

Drawing from her experience as an athlete, Bosley encouraged her students to set goals for themselves because she knew the children were better than the scores indicated.

“I found out where we were and I knew that we had potential,” she recalled. “We were better than what we were showing. So the teachers and I aligned our goals with the district and then took it to the kiddos. They needed to know their importance in this. They really got excited.”

Bosley and her teachers set a number of goals, one of the most important being to improve from a “C” school to an “A” school in two years.

“The average time it takes from going from a “C” school to an “A” school is three years,” Bosley said. “But we wanted to do it in two. Nobody wants to be on the bottom and we worked hard to improve.”

In just two years, Rosepine Elementary moved from a “C” school to an “A” school, jumping over 26 points in the process to a 107.2.

And although they have accomplished this particular goal, now Bosley and the teachers and students at Rosepine Elementary have another goal.

“We still have much more to do,” she said. “We aren’t content on just being an ‘A’ school,” she said. “If we are going to continue to grow and grow a lot, we have to set high expectations for ourselves. If we continue to set and reach our personal goals, then our school will continue to reach our goals as well.”