FORT POLK –– For the first time in almost 40 years, Fort Polk has a “green suiter” on its traffic enforcement team as a motorcycle officer.

FORT POLK –– For the first time in almost 40 years, Fort Polk has a “green suiter” on its traffic enforcement team as a motorcycle officer.

Sgt. Jay Roeleveld, also known as Sgt. Ro, assigned to the 519th Military Police Battalion, 1st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, is the first military police Soldier selected for the team since the late 1970s here on the installation.

Roeleveld has been at Fort Polk for two years and on the traffic enforcement team for the past five months. Qualifications to be on the team include: Completion of parts I and II of the Basic Riders Course for motorcycles; sergeant or above; and successfully complete the Motor Officer Course provided by Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety. The two-week course includes practical exercises that stress low-speed maneuverability, evasion techniques and high-speed braking skills. The students spend a large portion of the course on motorcycles. Students practice practical exercises and receive riding instruction supplemented with classroom instruction and demonstrations of tactical techniques.

Roeleveld, with more than three years of riding experience, met and exceeded the qualifications presented by the department to become a motor officer. In addition to his motorcycle and safety training, Roeleveld was coached and mentored by fellow (civilian) motor officers, Randy Pruitt and Troy Slate. Slate, a motor officer that has been in traffic enforcement since 2008, states “having a Soldier on the team provides leverage” when reporting to the scenes of accidents or issuing citations for traffic violations. The idea of having a military police Soldier as a motor officer was welcomed by the team’s two officers who provided pointers and guidance to assist Roeleveld with maintaining the required standards for traffic enforcement and safety.

Though he’s only been a motor officer for a short while, Roeleveld said he prefers traffic enforcement as a motor officer compared to his previous position in traffic investigations.

“I’d rather ride!” he said.

The overall safety of the Soldiers and civilians on Fort Polk will always be an ever present theme for the installation. The Soldiers and civilians of the 519th MP Bn and the Directorate of Emergency Services do their best to keep the installation safe on a daily basis. Military Police Soldiers such as Roeleveld are paving the way for future Soldiers and changing the norms of law and traffic enforcement on the installation.