Three principal's posts open in Vernon

The annual School House Shuffle is under way in Vernon and other parishes.

With the school year over, teachers and administrators are retiring, resigning, recovering and reconsidering, keeping personnel directors busy plugging holes here and there.

The Vernon School Board Salary/Personnel Committee heard the latest developments Thursday from Asst. Supt./Personnel Director Mike Kay.

As a consequence, the full board at its subsequent meeting added several personnel items to the agenda of the Tuesday, June 7 session.

Last month, the board formalized the retirement of the Curriculum Supervisor and a sabbatical leave for the Child Welfare and Attendance Supervisor.

The committee on Thursday forwarded to the full board contracts for Tuesday ratification for filling both slots.

James Wesley will move from the principals post at North Fort Polk Elementary to the curriculum job with a two-year contract.

Pickering High Principal Hub Jordan is taking the non-promotional appointment to the child welfare post.

Consequently, the board on Tuesday will be asked to approve advertising for applicants for both the North Fort Polk and Pickering principal jobs.

Also to be added to the agenda is permission to advertise for a principal for Leesville High.

That vacancy is the result of chain of events.

The Leesville Junior High principal has decided to return to the classroom.

His decision creates an opening, which the high school principal, who used to be at the junior high, is filling, which leaves open the high school job.

As it advertises for some jobs, the system will leave others open.

Kay told the Salary/Personnel panel members that each opening is being evaluated with an eye as to whether it must be filled. There are currently 18 slots going unfilled and three or four others that are being reviewed.

The estimated saving in the new fiscal year from not filling the 18-22 posts are $1.2 million.

Committee chairman Vernon L. Travis, Jr. pointed out the importance of those savings are state budget reductions loom on the horizon. The details of those anticipated reductions won’t be known until a special legislative session which begins Monday concludes.

Supt. James Williams told committee members that the annual Sales Tax Salary Supplement check will be mailed to employees on June 16, those officials don’t yet know the precise amount.