If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that good can always be found in the worst of situations.

If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that good can always be found in the worst of situations. Even in the midst of disappointment, aggravation and even tragedy, there are blessings to be had.
I have seen lots of change take place in my native parish.  I remember my first high school date was at the old Vernon Theatre located on Third Street; the theater which is now “Celebrations”.  I remember when the hospital was located where the nursing home is today. I remember when more of the roads in town were still gravel. I remember when the north- and sound-bound lanes of Highway 171 were single lanes.  But what I cannot ever remember are skinny traffic lanes.  
Since the recent construction began along Highway 171, much has been said about the dust, the stop-and-go traffic, the No Left Turn signs, unfriendly drivers, and the mere anticipation of the finished product -- not to mention the controversy among local business owners who have certainly felt its impact.
The concern lies now on the skinny traffic lanes.  The middle turning lane and the inside travel lanes are only 9‘ wide while the outside travel lanes are only 10‘ wide. There are now signs directing trucks, trailers and school buses to travel in the wider outside lanes.
Recently, I read an on-line study by a group of engineers who concluded that the smaller the traffic lanes, the fewer the traffic accidents. Somehow the research revealed the wider the traffic lanes the less disciplined one’s driving tends to become.  
 I cannot for the life of me understand how skinny lanes promote safer travel.  And merciful heavens, what about the drivers who insist upon texting and driving and/or posting to social media while behind the wheel? What about the farm trucks with extended mirrors? What about older vehicles with extra play in the steering wheel?
Several weeks back while there were No Left Turn signs on both ends of town, I witnessed many disobeying, me among them. One of my many weaknesses are sweets -- more specifically, glazed donuts from Bailey’s Bakery.
One morning on my way to work, I needed a “fix”. The car traveling in the south-bound lane, going the opposite direction as I, stopped to allow me to turn left. I pulled up to the bakery behind a truck in the drive-thru and the car that had just let me turn left was now behind me in the drive-thru.
I waited patiently for the driver ahead of me to get his order. It seemed like eternity, since the sweet woman behind me had not only let me turn left but she was also having to wait for me to order and move on.  So I decided I would do what many are talking about these days.  I decided to pay it forward.
 I gave the girl at the window an extra $5 for the woman in the car behind me. The next morning I stopped for yet another donut. The woman at the drive-thru window explained to me that I had not only blessed her with an act of kindness, I had also blessed the lady who let me turn left ahead of her the day before, as she was scratching for change to pay for breakfast. That’s one perfect example of there are always blessings in the midst of this chaotic world we live in.

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