From files of the Leesville Daily Leader

October 1988

Incumbent Congressman Jim McCrery won his first full term in the U.S. House. He received 78 per cent of the vote in Vernon Parish.

T.L. James of Ruston has the $1.8 million contract for road construction alone La. 467 between Fort Polk and Leesville.

Parish teachers of the year are Mary Sue Welch, West Leesville Elementary; Caroline Coddy, Leesville Jr. High and Louise Bonin, Leesville High.

The status of 583 units of family housing on North Fort Polk is 90 per cent completed. Occupancy will begin Nov. 1 with about 40 units per week occupied. Site clearing work is under way for another 350 units.

Newly elected Tommy Sermons was sworn in as New Llano Chief of Police. Buck Vinson was appointed to succeed him as a police juror.

The Leesville City Council tabled an ordinance that would make it illegal for anyone under age 18 to buy and/or possess an alcoholic beverage.

The Vernon Parish Housing Authority has received funding for construction of 50 additional public housing units.

Residents in the Pitkin area may soon be enjoying cable television provided by an Oakdale company, and the Simpson Village Council is considering a proposal by a Lafayette firm.

The City Council passed a revised heating and cooling ordinance, one that requires such repairmen to hold a mechanical license, which is a Southern Building Code requirement.