To the editor:

We witnessed the stellar performace of the Beauregard Memorial Hospital.

To the editor:

We witnessed the stellar performace of the Beauregard Memorial Hospital.

An organization’s character is shown in the midst of trauma. This is certainly true in the trauma of the recent and incredibly rare tragedy at our greatly appreciated Package Corporation of America.

When the devastating explosion at PCA occurred, as ministers we were on standby at Beauregard Memorial Hospital.

While they did not treat all the injured from the PCA explosion, there were obviously ready for whatever came their way. We feel a word of appreciation for our “gem of a healthcare facility” deserves some recognition. Every aspect of the hospital quickly scrambled to be ready to provide care for anyone injured by the explosion and comfort to anyone who’s loved one was injured. Every department from housekeeping to surgery stood at ready to do their part in caring for any injured person regardless of the extent of injuries.

Hospital employees went into alert. Caregivers stood by the emergency entrance to bring the injured into the treatment rooms. Chief of staff Dr. David Jones and Director of Nursing Anita Thibodaux directed the teams. CEO Bud Barrow was right there to see that everything was done in rehearsed order. The public relations office was there to do whatever needed to be done for the families of the injured. The hospital staff quickly had cold water and other drinks and food if it were needed for the families. Transportation for family members was quickly provided.

Everyone knew what to do and how to do it, and all of this was done compassionately.

This kind of superior service could not have been provided if that were not the everyday character and nature of the hospital.

We are proud on our “gem of a health-care facility.” They shinned in the face of disaster.

We are also extremely proud of our first responders who did what needed to be done in a capable and well trained order. They are the best.

We continue in prayer for the families of those who lost their lives, and for those who were injured and their families. The loss of life is tragic, still, we are grateful the loss of life and injuries were not greater.



George Lee Glass, pastor


Lynn Clayton, pastor

New Life Baptist Church