Enrollment has continued to fall in Vernon Parish. And that could mean fewer teachers.

Enrollment has continued to fall in Vernon Parish. And that could mean fewer teachers.

Vernon L. Travis, Jr., the chairman of the Salary/Personnel Committee informed the school board at its meeting Thursday morning.

“From a year ago February, we are down about 250 students,” he said. “As a result, we are facing a reduction in staff and hopefully that will occur through attrition.”

With the decline in student enrollment in the parish, the board will be forced to cut its budget by about $1.4 million to make ends meet.

But not all the news was bad for the school board in this meeting as they honored the parishwide Students of the Year, along with each of the representatives from the nine communities schools.

The Vernon Parish Students of the Year are fifth grader Nadia Williams from Anacoco Elementary School, eighth grader Taylor James from Rosepine High School and senior Ethan Truman of Leesville High School.

Williams, James and Truman have already competed at the regional level and will find out early next week if they will move on to the state competition.

The Students of the Year at each individual school were as follows:

Anacoco: Nadia Williams, elementary; Sydney Wade, junior high; and Kinsley Blakeway, high school.

Evans: Chelsea Kay, elementary; Isabella Craft, junior high; and Bailey Westlake, high school.

Hicks: Logan Raby, elementary; Cheyenne Jackson, junior high; and Montana Phillips, high school.

Hornbeck: Jayda James, elementary; Allanah Williams, junior high; and Taylor Prell, high school.

Leesville: Allie Wittenhagen, elementary; Ashley Gorrell, junior high; and Ethan Truman, high school.

Pickering: Dylan Gallion, elementary; Zachary Layup, junior high; and Summer Atkins, high school.

Pitkin: Madelyn Thompson, elementary; Laila Salas, junior high; and Kaleb Crysel, high school.

Rosepine: Bryce Landreneau, elementary; Taylor James, junior high; and Lynzee Burnett, high school.

Simpson: Preston Miller, junior high; and Jordanna Green, high school.