Three new businesses are setting up shop in New Llano.

Three new businesses are setting up shop in New Llano.

At Tuesday's town council meeting, unanimous "yeas" allowed for James Hollis, not present, to open Hollis-Ville Sports Bar. They also approved James and Christina Ross to open Renegade Technologies, a vape store. The couple was asked to explain what the store's niche was. James explained that it presents a method for people to quit smoking. 

John Brown's mobile snow cone truck, Big Events Transportation, was voted down. It received two "yeas," three "nays" from council members. Brown was not present at the meeting.

 After some conversation among council members, it turned out that one of them owns a similar snow cone business in the area. The question arose over whether the "nay" vote should have been "abstain," due to conflict of interest. The vote had already been made though, and could not be reversed at that time. The council wanted to bring it back up for another vote in May, given this circumstance.

Yesterday afternoon, Mayor Freddie Boswell confirmed that, regardless of the council's vote at the meeting, Brown was given approval to conduct business with his snow cone truck in New Llano. Boswell instructed his staff to issue an occupational license for Brown, according to Donna Condon, town clerk.

She said, "There hasn't been a revote. I guess the Mayor vetoed what the council said." Condon is checking in with the town attorney to see if the vote needs to be re-done at the next meeting.

In New Llano, for the last six years, all prospective businesses must come before council for approval, due to a moratorium. The moratorium was put into place while the town waited on a zoning process. New Llano has never had zoning to determine areas specifically for commercial, residential and industrial purposes, to name a few.

The zoning plan was presented by the city planner in April 2016, but has not yet been adopted. The moratorium has an expiration date of December 2018, but it can be lifted sooner, depending on when the zoning is adopted.

Council approved an ordinance stating that, from now on, new businesses, whether old or new construction, will have to pay the city to install sewer hook-up.

There are two minor changes to the ordinance which prohibits "pit bull dogs, dangerous and vicious dogs" within the town. If a dog needs to be tested to determine its breed, the cost of DNA kits is now $100, down from $200. If a test demonstrates a dog is predominately (50% or more) of a pit bull breed, then the owner will have to abide by the rules of the ordinance, accordingly.This percentage is up from 25%.

Anyone wishing to discard large items such as refrigerators and mattresses should call garbage collection to let them know. They come through New Llano once or twice per month and it helps if they know who needs their help.