For the fourth consecutive year, Vernon Parish educators will be on hand for Cafeteria Conversation, part of the Education Initiative, a partnership between Fort Polk, Fort Polk Progress and the Vernon Parish School District to provide quality education for military and civilian children. The event is slated for Tuesday, July 25, from 5-7 p.m. at Parkway Elementary School, 3585 University Parkway, Leesville/Fort Polk.

Local community resources and agencies representing after-school programs, sports, scouting, music, dance, martial arts, health and nutrition, college and career paths and Family programs will answer participants' questions. Additionally, staff from the following schools - including principals - will be on hand to provide specific information about their schools:

LA-4 and Headstart; North Polk Elementary; Parkway Elementary; East Leesville Elementary; West Leesville Elementary; Vernon Middle School; Leesville Junior High School; Leesville High School; Pickering Elementary; Pickering High School; Anacoco Elementary; Anacoco High School; Hornbeck; Simpson; Rosepine Elementary; Rosepine High School; Pitkin High School; Hicks High School; and Evans High School

For more information about Cafeteria Conversation call (337) 531-1617.