Sabine Urgent Care of Leesville is set to open on Tuesday, September 5th, at 1015 Fertitta Boulevard.

“I have had in my mind the thought of starting an urgent care clinic in Leesville since the opening of our urgent care Clinic in Many one year ago,” said Dr. Robert Crowe. Some Leesville residents will know Crowe from the Pediatric Center on 10th street.

Sabine Urgent Care of Leesville will treat illnesses and minor injuries. It will offer immunizations such as tetanus, steroids, and antibiotics. The clinic will also provide lab work, such as complete blood counts, electrolytes, and urinalysis.

Another service Sabine Urgent Care will offer, is on-site testing for pregnancy, influenza, mono, strep throat, and other conditions.

Eventually, more services will be added to that list, said Crowe. “Our future plans will be to include radiography on site, but for the present our excellent location will allow for a quick visit to Doctor's Hospital at Deer Creek (DHDC) or Byrd Hospital to accomplish that if it proves necessary.”

An urgent care clinic is designed to cater to those in community who feel they need to see a doctor as soon as possible, and cannot wait to see their regular physician. “The Urgent Care Clinic concept stems from the fact that many Emergency Room (ER) visits are not really emergencies,” he said. “When patients and their families go to the ER, they often find long wait times, service that is interrupted by those requiring a higher level of care, and a bill they may find difficult to pay.”

Crowe explained that it was the support of his peers, and the success of the Urgent Care Clinic in Many, that led him to open one in Leesville. “Initially, I was reticent to commence. However, I had several local physicians on the Governing Board at DHDC encourage me to move forward. So, I started planning and working to that goal,” he said.

Crowe enjoys his work at the urgent care clinic. “My favorite part of working in an urgent care setting is the fast pace that is typical in this environment; trying to help as many folks as possible in an allotted time with compassion and sound medical treatment/advice. I am hoping the folks of Leesville and the surrounding areas will support the local guy and give Sabine Urgent Care of Leesville a try when the time comes for a medical visit that can't wait ‘til morning.”

For more information contact Sabine Urgent Care of Leesville 337-404-4106.