The DeRidder Police Department has released that a total of five Leesville subjects have been arrested in connection with the shootings that took place on Labor Day in a small DeRidder park.

They are--

Samuel Miller, 17, Leesville

Unnamed juvenile, 16, Leesville

Jushaun “JuJu” Flammings, 17, Leesville

Tarik “Snoop” Njoku, 19, Leesville

Larry Williams III, 17, Leesville

The investigation began with evidence of attempted second degree murder and conspiracy to commit second degree murder.

After identifying three of the subjects involved, warrants were issued. Miller and the 16-year-old juvenile were arrested by US Marshals in Alexandria on September 6.

Flammings turned himself in to Baton Rouge Police on September 8.

Upon learning new information and the names of two other individuals, detectives obtained warrants on Njoku and Williams for attempted first degree murder and conspiracy to commit first degree murder.

Njoku turned himself in on September 8, and Williams turned himself in to Leesville police on September 12.

All subjects are being held without bond, pending a hearing.

The 16-year-old juvenile is also being held in a detention facility per a ruling in a 36th Judicial District Court hearing.

DeRidder detectives will continue their investigation until everyone involved has been identified. Investigators are seeking those who went to the scene with this group, in hopes that they will come forward.

Investigators believe that the individuals who witnessed the incident may not have known what was about to occur, but upon leaving, knew what just happened and should provide information to avoid any possible criminal charges for accessory after the fact.

Those subjects who witnessed the incident are asked to contact DeRidder Police Detectives at 337-462-8911.