Rosepine is sitting in a situation that it has not been in since 2013. After winning two games in a row, the team is preparing for a matchup against one of the top teams in the state.

The Eagles travel to Elton (1-0) with the goal of slowing down the explosive Indian offense, led by quarterback Keshawn Lyons.

"They have big, explosive receivers," Rosepine coach Johnny Cryer said. "They have 6-foot-4 receiver on one side and a 6-foot-5 receiver on the other side. They have a very athletic quarterback and tailback. This may be the best team we play all year. They went deep into the playoffs last year and have a lot of them back. They do have a lot of kids that go both ways, so our game plan is to wear them out and alleviate the speed factor.

"We're stressing to our kids that we need to keep them wrapped up. We can't let him get to the edge because they're faster than us. It's easier said than done. Our biggest fear is them breaking a tackle and going the distance. I think we have a good game plan."

Lyons was limited last week against East Beauregard, rushing for -5 yards but threw for 163 yards in 14-6 win over the Trojans.

"Our best defense is going to be our offense," Cryer said. "We have to keep them off the field. We have to do a good job of tackling them in space when they get the ball."

Rosepine (2-0) broke a 20-game losing streak with its win over Merryville in the season-opener, and after a week 2 win over South Cameron, these current Eagles are in uncharted territory.

"I see it as making a name for Rosepine," senior lineman Maison Roberts said. "We were 7 teams' homecoming game last year. It's definitely different.

"We have a lot of the community behind us. As we win more games, we will have more of the community behind us. I can speak for everyone on the team in saying that having the support of the community and school, gives us a little more fire on Friday nights."

Whatever the outcome may be, Rosepine will be able to see where it is as a team after its game with Elton.

"I told the kids, the last couple of days that, win or lose, we have to compete in this game," Cryer said. "A lot of people are going to look at this game to see where we are at in our program. If we can have a shot at winning, we are going to be a good football team to contend with. If we win, a lot of people are going to look at us like Rosepine is back."

The Eagles are led by Seth Shirley at running back and Seth Decote behind center. Ducote is coming off a 178-yard, 3 touchdown performance against South Cameron, in which he played just the first half.

Shirley is recovering from a hip pointer, but is expected to play on tonight. Behind Shirley is freshman running back Braden Nolen.

"The first game, we kind of overpowered Merryville, and in the second game, we just ran our base offense," Cryer said. "We're going to keep doing what we're doing. If it means us going toe-to-toe and running it right at them, we're going to do it. If it means us spreading it out a bit, we'll do that. This is a game where we can look back five or six weeks from now and say this was a big win if we knock them off. If we don't beat them, I don't think they're going to lose a game."