Presented with a chance to extend its coverage to military families and retirees, Byrd Regional Hospital extend its coverage options to include CHRISTUS Health Uniformed Services Family Health Plan.

CHRISTUS Health is a health system that works with military families members and retirees. It is a designated provider for TRICARE.

"USFHP is a managed health care option funded by the Department of Defense and available to military families, survivors, medal recipients, former spouses, retirees, and retiree family members," CHRISTUS' Laticia McHenry said. "CHRISTUS Health is one of six designated providers of USFHP across the country. We provide our members a network of qualified civilian medical systems, professionals, and facilities from which to choose their healthcare team."

With Byrd Hospital extending its coverages to include CHRISTUS, CEO of Byrd Regional Hospital Roger Ledoux is excited about the addition. "To celebrate, the hospital and our clinic are participating in the CHRISTUS Family Health Plan to provide healthcare to military dependents," Ledoux said.

"This developed over the last couple of months. CHRISTUS will be signing up military families to participate in that health plan."

The benefits of adding CHRISTUS is the ability to have more options for military dependents, locally.

"For those patients that need a higher level of care once we treat them here, we can send them to other CHRISTUS covered medical centers," Ledoux said.

"I think what was appealing for CHRISTUS was that we had several varieties of sub-specialties where the military families could be treated locally instead of having to travel."

Those interested in more information can contact McHenry at 337-502-8555 or