One Rosepine man caught a massive alligator on Wednesday night at Anacoco Lake.


After days of fishing and no luck,  Mark Davis Jr. began to take down his hooks, giving up. “I got up there Wednesday evening to make a quick trip to get all of our hooks down and quit fishing for a few days. This big guy was on the third hook.” said Davis.

Measuring a total of 12-foot-1-inch, to be precise, the alligator didn’t go down without a fight. “It took about 45 minutes to kill him. I shot him about six times with my .22 to get him killed,” said Davis.

It was an even bigger task to bring him back to shore and load him into Davis’ truck. “My boat is 16 feet long.” said Davis. “Obviously he’s not going to fit in the boat. We had to tie him to the side of the boat to drag him in. After that, it took about six people to lift and load him up in the truck.”

Davis has had experience dealing with alligators before. However, he had never encountered one of this magnitude. He chalks this up to being in the right place at the right time. “I’m no gator expert,” said Davis. “We’ve caught a few gators out of Anacoco lake before, but never one this big. It's a public lakes lottery which means anyone can put in and draw for the tags we had.”