New Year’s day is expected have the coldest weather that Beauregard Parish has seen so far this year.

Accuweather models forecast low temperatures as low as 17 degrees for Jan. 1 with windchill factors making it feel like 11 degrees outside.

To add on to the winter time woes, this drastic drop in temperature will make hazardous conditions for those attempting to travel or go outside.

A wet and rainy weekend saturating the roads will make conditions especially dangerous. Other weather models have predicted the low temperatures may only get down to the mid 20s. Regardless of the difference, all models are at a consensus that a long period of below-freezing temperatures will occur on New Year’s Day.

As a safety precaution, remain indoors and do not go outside unless it is absolutely necessary.

Roads and bridges are likely to become hazardous as As ice forms on roads and bridges, driving becomes increasingly hazardous.

Make sure indoor fires are properly ventilated and that no objects are placed on or near a fire or heat source. Fires should be ventilated to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Bring outside pets or plants inside from the cold, wrap exposed pipe, and leave faucets dripping to prevent any damage due to the freeze.

Residents should heed all official warnings given by local government and public officials.