Hello, anglers and outdoor addicts. Wow, what a winter we are having for southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas. I fished Monday and the weather was beautiful with a high of 64. What a difference 24 hours makes, huh? Today, I am warm and dry at the lake house drinking coffee and doing fishing columns. If the weather is too tough to fish, at least I can write about fishing.

LAKE CONDITIONS: The lake level is 167.1 ft. mean sea level (msl) with one generator running 2-3 hours about 3-4 times weekly. The water temperatures are 45-46 degrees and falling. Water conditions on north Toledo are stained to partially stained. Mid lake is mostly clear but some stained conditions in the back of major feeder creeks. South Toledo is clear to very clear around the dam and Louisiana/Texas Islands.

BASS FISHING REPORT: Tournament season is definitely here with TTT (Texas Team Trail) held last Saturday on Toledo and Skeeter Bass Champs is scheduled for this coming Saturday on Sam Rayburn. These are two of the largest bass team trails in the country with some really outstanding bass anglers fishing these events.

As to be expected for January, winds these past two week have been game changers as far as me being able to navigate the big portions of these two lakes mammoth reservoirs (Toledo and Rayburn). Occasionally will would get a day like last Monday where winds were light and variable when you can navigate the entire lake if you wish. On days where there are strong north winds I will launch in the Back of Six Mile Creek at the SRA public launch off of highway 87. This allows me to fish most of Six Mile plus it is only a short run up to Housen Bay allowing me two large feeder creeks to fish. There’s actually enough area in Six Mile and Housen to fish a lifetime.

Patterns this week have not changed very much but we did use Stanley’s ½ and ¾ oz. Bugeye Football jigs more than usual. Basically because it worked. Our other productive weapons included Carolina rigs, Texas rigged 10 inch Power Worms and drop shot.

GOOD NEWS: I am finding more and more hydrilla. I found two long ridges with hydrilla all over both of them. The hydrilla was only a few inches tall but it was definitely hydrilla. I even saw some pepper grass in a protected cove.

CRAPPIE REPORT: Holly Park Marina, my main source for Chicken Coop News, reports that The Coop is not really producing. The fish are there but they will not bite. Most are catching 10-15 after fishing 3-4 hours or longer. Crappie guide, Jack Adams, says the crappie are not in his brush tops either. Who knows what’s going on. Stay tuned.