After 80 minutes of play, neither Leesville or Lutcher had scored a goal, forcing overtime, and when overtime and sudden death was not enough, they headed to penalty kicks.

In a rare scenario, Leesville outscored Lutcher 3-1 in the penalty kicks to win its first-round district matchup against Lutcher Thursday night.

"I'll remember this forever," Leesville forward Chandler Gronski said. "Taking the first one and making it was good, but watching my teammates go out there and do their job, too, was amazing. It's the best feeling when you know your team has your back."

Chandler Gronski, Ben Ward and Tristian Torres each buried their penalty kicks, while Wampus Cat keeper Xavier Reyes blocked a kicked and Lutcher went wide left and over the top of the bar with its final attempt.

"This is my first year coaching, so it's all a new experience," Leesville head coach Jacob Chambers said. "Our guys had a lot of heart and it showed today on the field."

Neither team could find the back of the net in the regulation, although Leesville found more chances in the second half.

"We're not a first half team," Chambers said. "We have a lot of young players and guys who haven't played together much. We still have some kinks in chemistry, but we usually work it out in the first half. Luckily, we were able to flip a switch."

After the first half of overtime, Lutcher scored first, scoring on a kick that snuck through a log jam of defenders in the 12th minute of extra time.

"I preached the whole time that it's not over until the final whistle blows," Chambers said. "That's pretty much the definition, right there."

However, the Wampus Cats had an answer five minutes later as Pablo Chicharro launched a corner kick to the middle of the box, and Gronski headed it in past the keeper.

"When we were going up and I saw the corner was given, I knew I had to get on this," Gronski said. "I just had to do it and score."

Neither team scored in the sudden death period, setting up the Wampus Cats with their win in penalty kicks.

Reyes made 10 saves in the win, including multiple one-on-ones that he won inside the box throughout the contest.

"He's a phenomenal goalie," Chambers said. "I'm lucky to have him as a first year coach. Usually, you win or lose high school games by your goalie. Luckily I have such a great goalie and leader that can control my defense that I can kind of not worry about that too much."

No. 14 Leesville takes on No. 3 Teurlings Catholic on the road Thursday on the road in the second round.