The Vernon Parish Sheriff's Office VPSO) has received several recent complaints regarding counterfeit money from local businesses.

VPSO recommends that all businesses utilize counterfeit detector pens which are relatively inexpensive. These pens can be bought locally or ordered online.

If anyone attempts to pass counterfeit currency hold the currency and contact VPSO or your local law enforcement agency immediately.

If possible we also encourage employees to obtain license plate information on the suspect vehicle but only if it is safe to do so.

VPSO has collected various counterfeit denominations of currency to include $5., $10., $20., and $100. bills.

VPSO arrested Darris Horace, age 32, and Cory Lee Hankins, age 26, both of Leesville

on Jan. 31. The arrests are the result of an investigation into the use of counterfeit currency at a business located in Slagle.

Earlier in the day, VPSO posted two videos as well as still photographs of the suspects to include their vehicle on social media.

VPSO received numerous tips from the public regarding the identity of the persons involved in the incident.

From this information, VPSO was able to positively identify the individuals who both agreed to come to VPSO and speak with detectives. After further investigation both were arrested.

Horace and Hankins were each arrested and charged with one count of Monetary Instrument Abuse.

Both Horace and Hankins remain in the VPSO jail, as bond as not been set.

Craft thanks all citizens who provided information in this case.