The subject of bullying is a very touchy subject especially in the state of Louisiana.

Louisiana ranks highest in suicide and suicide attempts by teens due to bullying.

Bullying prevention training is available to us to help prevent and protect those who are being bullied by kids at school. But who protects the kids who are being bullied by teachers? Who holds those teachers accountable for their unprofessional actions?

My daughter was bullied by a teacher through text messages. One Friday evening while spending quality time with my family, I received a text message from my daughter’s teacher. The message was so ugly I could not fathom why anyone would send something like this to me.

I consider myself to be a quiet person. I do not bother anyone and I certainly do not go around looking for trouble. Yet this form of trouble found me.

In the text messages, the teacher referred to my child’s body type, and mine as well.

The comments are too much to repeat, but she said she sent them to me by accident and meant to send them to her boyfriend.

I have sat through meetings with the school principal who effortlessly wanted to sweep the matter under the rug. But I refuse to let that happen.

I will not give her, or the sloppy administration supporting her, the satisfaction. I will not lay down and roll over– I am going to fight.

I’m fighting, not just for my child who experienced the sting of being bullied by a teacher, but for all of those students who are left in the class and are being taught by this horrible monster.

These kids need an advocate, they need someone who is willing to fight for them, and that’s what I plan to do.