Yes, I am the one who had on the socks Tuesday night.

Let me address my socks.

I have neither the time nor the energy to plan out my wardrobe or which of my over 100 pairs of socks I’m going to wear on any given day.

But is this the real issue that should be taken from the Tuesday night meeting in New Llano? Or should we look deeply at ourselves and the Christian values that have been brought to my attention?

Perhaps we should ask why we are not, as a community, doing something to help our fellow citizens in their time of need.

There is a house on Third Street in New Llano which is scheduled to be condemned in the next 15 days.

This residence is currently occupied by a family with two children.

This house, according to New Llano Councilman Terry Speicher, needs to be addressed legally as soon as the inspection shows they have not complied with the Council’s ruling.

Where does the Christian community, so outraged by a pair of socks, stand on this issue?  

Where is the public outcry to rally support for this family?

Where is the sweat equity from the community that would only take a weekend or two and correct the things the City says need to be repaired?

Where is the gofundme page to help financially with the repairs?

Where were the good citizens of New Llano speaking up during the meeting about this family and how we can help?

Why was there no discussion, during or after the meeting, organizing a grassroots movement to come together to help a family in need?

It’s one thing to expand upon your beliefs through your Facebook page and express your disgust for what is happening in your community. But it’s quite another when it comes to actually acting on your beliefs and taking the first steps to help a fellow man.

At the end of the day, my socks went into the hamper and were forgotten. But this family being forced out of their home will suffer the effects for a lifetime.