Senior year can be viewed in two ways – an ending or a beginning.

The choice comes down to whether or not the student views his or her high school career as a defining moment or a passing moment.

If the student has not looked ahead, he or she may only be focused on what is happening at the current time – high school.

While there is nothing wrong with living in the moment, another student may have already looked far ahead into his future and planned out his or her whole life.

These scenarios show how one student sees his present ending while the other sees his future beginning.

Senior year can become difficult in both situations as one student grasps at each day with greedy hands and the other longs for freedom from the bars of high school.

“While my childhood ends once I leave high school, my journey as an adult is just beginning,” Senior Joshua Young said. “I am excited to start on my journey into adulthood and see where God leads me.”

Young and many other Faith Training Christian Academy (FTCA) seniors are eager to close this chapter of high school and start a new chapter for themselves as adults.

However, other seniors are more hesitant to leave behind the comfort and familiarity of their high school careers.

Senior Stephanie Maddox had this to say about the matter – “Personally, when I was younger I wanted to grow up so fast, but now that it is finally coming true, it is scary. I feel like, in all actuality, I did not plan as far ahead as I needed.

“I wish I had a little more time to create more memories with friends and family and revisit the memories I have already made.”

This melancholy and bittersweet attitude near the end of one’s senior year can make the final stages of high school quite stressful. One feels as if he or she has no time to complete all the things he or she wanted to do before his time at high school ends.

This time can even be stressful for those who are ready to venture outside of the school’s walls, because they must finish the year with strength in both grades and attitudes.

Regardless of the point-of-view with which seniors identify, they can all agree that high school is an important time in one’s life.

The high school experience teaches one far more than just book smarts. It teaches a student about his or her work ethic, friends, and creativity.

High school even guides students through the awkward and difficult periods throughout their teenage years.

The seniors at FTCA have come to this realization together as their time as high schoolers winds down.

Whether excited, scared, nervous or all of the above, they know the times spent together, though ending, will lead them to fantastic new beginnings.