The town of Rosepine is taking the first step towards a lucrative contract agreement with Fort Polk.

The Rosepine Town Council at their meeting Thursday evening passed a resolution authorizing the mayor to open a line of credit in the amount of $155,000 in order to fund the phase-in period of a proposed intergovernmental services agreement between the Rosepine and the United States Army Garrison, Fort Polk, for the purpose of providing custodial support services for Fort Polk.

“We are really excited about working with Fort Polk,” Rosepine Mayor Donna Duvall said. “We are a small municipality and this would help us provide our people with more things in the community.

“It is also a great opportunity for us to help the military and their families, which is a great honor.”

The council’s decision brings Rosepine one step closer to the agreement with Fort Polk. The details of the agreement will be discussed by Duvall and Fort Polk officials in the near future.

Rosepine hopes to provide maintenance and other custodial services in and around Fort Polk facilities.

“We believe that this agreement would be beneficial to both Rosepine and Fort Polk,” Duvall said. “This is going to help our military, military families, and the people of Rosepine.

“We want to do anything we can to support the military. We are proud to work with Fort Polk.”