Staff Sgt. Natasha McMillan joined the Air Force in September of 2009. Originally from Mabank Texas, she has been on tours of duty in Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. McMillan takes great pride in her military career that spanned eight years.

“My military career really defines who I am. I spent my entire adult life up until last year when I retired serving as an Airman,” said McMillan. “I am extremely passionate about serving others and serving my country. I will never forget sitting in class the day that the planes hit the twin towers and feeling like I wish I could do something. That was a defining moment for me. I was never more proud than the day I swore in to active duty. I am humbled and honored to be able to serve my country and I give God all the glory for my amazing career.”

She is also the proud mother of her four adopted children. Nylah, Landon, Lucas, and Addalyn. McMillan is also active in her community. She balances being a full time student, school board member, and youth minister. One of her goals is to spread the word of God around the world through medical missions.