Disaster has struck the Brothers and Sisters in Arms Dog Training Center in Leesville (BASDT).

Last week, city water mains were down for a day and a half. They were restored Saturday, however the cost was great. During the time that the mains were down, a large amount of sewage backed up. When the mains were restored that sewage flowed into the BASDT causing extensive damage.

“This is the second time this has happened this year,” said BASDT Trainer Audrey Roberts. “However the first time resulted in just a simple cleanup. This is far worse.” According to Roberts the up to two feet of the walls are going to have to be removed as well as all drywall and insulation. All carpeting is going to be removed along with the bathroom tile. On top of all of that, A plumber has to come in and figure out a more permanent solution so this does not happen again. “The damage is going to cost into the thousands,” said Roberts. “We are a non profit, so this hits us especially hard.”

SERVPRO cleaning services worked Monday and Tuesday to clean up the building, remove parts of the wall, drywall, tile, and carpeting. However, the real work is going to be making those costly repairs. Roberts mentioned that the best way to help out BASDT during this time is to make a donation to help the cost of the repairs. Links have been set up on the BASDT Facebook page for those that want to donate.

This crisis has not affected the desire of those that work at BASDT to continue the work they do training service dogs. Training will not be affected due to the fact that all training takes place outdoors. The only way that training could be cancelled is if the weather becomes inclimate, their will be no place to bring the dogs indoors.

Brothers and Sisters in arms is a local nonprofit organization founded in 2012 that provides the training of service dogs for those with disabilities and special needs. Brothers and Sisters in Arms aims to improve quality of life for our active duty soldiers, military veterans, first responders, and their special-needs dependents by providing them with highly trained Service Dogs.