Major Randolph Perez was born in 1954 in Frankfurt, Germany. He is the son of an Army Staff Sergeant.

Being a military child, he was raised all over the world. Perez graduated from high school in Virginia.

Perez attended college at Notre Dame and graduated in 1976. Soon after, Perez was commissioned in the United States Army Signal Corps.

The Army Signal Corps develops, tests, provides and manages communications and information systems support for the command and control of combined arms forces.

Perez has a military career that spans two decades. He served active duty for 12 years, and was in the reserves for eight. He served in the 82nd Airborne Division, the 1st Ranger Battalion, and the 5th Infantry Division. He was an Airborne Ranger Master Parachutist.

“I was proud to serve my country, like my father, uncles and son,” Perez said. “It is a family tradition to preserve the freedoms of the citizens.” After the military, Perez worked as a contractor on Fort Polk, and then as a high school math teacher. He has five children.

If you see Perez, or any veteran, he would surely appreciate a handshake and acknowledgement of the sacrifice and the commitment veterans have made in the lofty endeavor of securing American liberty.

They are solely responsible for having protected our fortunate state of being, free from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior or political views. And that is priceless act of service.