The Louisiana State Police arrested a man from Duluth, Ga. on human trafficking charges.


Douglas Zabala Cubillan was pulled over Tuesday night on Highway 8 near Leesville by the Louisiana State Police. When the state trooper approached the vehicle to speak to Cubillan, he discovered nine illegal immigrants from inside the vehicle.

The trooper found that the immigrants were under debt bondage and were being transported from city to city across the country to work.

Cubillan has been charged with nine counts of labor trafficking. If convicted, he could spend anywhere from 15 to 50 years in prison.

The nine illegal immigrants consisted of seven men and two women. They have been released to the U.S. Border Patrol and are being sent back to Mexico.

The victims were being transported as a part of an international human trafficking operation. These operations see victims subjected to violence, and extremely unreasonable working conditions.

“The Louisiana State Police will continue to focus on trafficking investigations, with our federal and local law enforcement partners and service providers, to bring resources and services to the victims of these type of crimes,” Daniel Moreau of the Louisiana State Police said. “Anyone with any information on labor or sex trafficking should call the Louisiana State Police Fusion Center hotline at 800-434-8007.”