Residents of SWLA were shocked in March when a severed head was found by police in Cameron Parish. The victim has still yet to be identified, however, there is a gruesome new detail that has been released to the public.

According to the Houston Police Department (HPD), another head was found a few weeks after the head in Cameron Parish was discovered. The second head was found near Huffman, TX. Both the HPD and the CPSO have found similarities between the two victims. Apparently, both victims had auburn-colored hair, both heads were found in a bag and not far from a Lake, and both were very close in age.

CPSO Sheriff Ron Johnson said says the head is Baton Rouge with the coroner, and they’re working hard to reconstruct it. The police currently have no leads.

The CPSO and the HPD will be working in conjunction to solve the gruesome mystery. According to Johnson, the person of interest is a man in his 20s.