The Vernon Parish Retired Teachers’ Association (VPRTA) met on Thursday at the Vernon Parish Library where VPRTA member Tresa Abramson introduced Brandy Melancon, trainer at Anytime Fitness in Leesville.

Along with her students in the Prime Timers (senior fitness) class, Melancon presented a program of exercise designed for older folks. Some of the VPRTA members joined the Fitness group in the exercises.  Melancon said that as we age we need to learn exercises for keeping our bones strong and strategies for dealing with accidents should they occur. She had the Prime Timers demonstrate some of these techniques. VPRTA President Donald Bush announced the Central Office staff at the Vernon Parish School Board has invited all retired teachers to a reception at 11 a.m. on May 30. Pictured are Susie, Brandy, Jean, Genevieve, Cassie, LouElla and  Joy.