With a dedication ceremony, the Leesville Art Park added some new items to bring music to life.

The park, located next to West Leesville Elementary School, opened up the Creighton and Gloria Owen Melody Garden on Tuesday afternoon.

"You start off really small, and you hope it's going to get bigger, but you don't know how you're going to do it," Art4ThePark chairperson Isabelle Massart-Bursh said. "You knock on some doors and ask your friends. You have times when it was fun and times when it was stressful, because we wanted it to move fast. At the end, it's been worth it."

The Garden was named after Creighton and Gloria Owen, two of the founders of the Vernon Parish Arts Council.

The project took five years to come together, and with the help from donors, features three percussion instruments for kids to play and experiment with music.

"It's used to discover music and to see what you can do with music," Massart-Bursh said. "You don't have to a musician but you are going to come and play and hear the sounds. Then you may discover that this is something that you want to be involved with."

Massart-Bursh believes art and music is vital to open minds of young people.

"I think it's very important that we think," she said. "We've been replacing art with computers, but art develops creativity and imagination. You cannot replace art with anything else. They need to have art in the schools and to be involved with creating every day.

"Art is often related to other cultures. If you study art, you can relate to other cultures and be more understanding of the rest of the world."

The park already features several art projects, along with walking trails, with hopefully more to come.

"The next art piece is going to place at the top of the hill," Massart-Bursh said. "It's made by an artist in Alexandria. Hopefully, it will be placed by the end of the summer. It's going to be a really, really big piece. It's abstract. My dream is to have kinetic art piece so the kids can come see how the wind plays with the colors and the light.

"We've had a lot of people say they're interested today."

The dedication including singing by Leah Thompson and speeches from Tony McDonald and Charles Owen.