A new phone scam has caught the attention of the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office (VPSO).

VPSO has received several complaints from citizens that claim scammers are trying to get money from them.

The scammer is pretending to be from Dental Plus, and will claim that they need money because of an overdue bill. In addition to pretending to be from Dental Plus, the scammers have even been able to mask their number on caller I.D., replacing it with the number for Dental Plus.

Dental Plus has offices in Leesville and in DeRidder. The police urge citizens that if they do business with Dental Plus to call their office directly and to never transfer money to anyone over the telephone.

In an official release, VPSO warned citizens that “any funds sent to these persons cannot be recovered whether the funds are sent via wire transfer, debit card, credit card, or any other method of payment.”

According to multiple police sources, these are the most common phone scams:

Debt Collection- Callers who pose as agencies claiming you owe money (like the IRS) They attempt to get your banking or credit information. Fake Government Officials- callers claiming to be law enforcement with a warrant for your arrest, and lead you to believe you can pay a fine using bank or credit card. (not so, law enforcement uses the personal contact method) Identity Theft- Scammers can gain access to confidential information, like social security numbers caller by asking for information very quickly often posing as a family member needing information to fill out loan paperwork etc. Loan Scams/Credit Fixers- Caller promises to fix bad credit for a fee. Fake Prizes, Sweepstakes or Free Gifts- Caller asks that you pay a small processing fee with your credit card to receive a free gift. Grandson/Granddaughter is in jail– The caller may state the real name of a family member or friend who is in need of bond money. Callers may ask for credit card, or go so far as to ask money wired to a location.