The Leesville City Council held a short meeting on Tuesday to approve the a new resolution that will the allow the city to get funding for an emergency sewer.

The city will receive $180,000 from the state for the emergency sewer relocation on Boone Street.

"We applied for emergency funding from the state of Louisiana over that sewer collapsing on Boone Street, and when you do that, you have a small window to apply," Leesville Mayor Rick Allen said. "We wouldn't have even had this meeting today if it wasn't for that resolution. We had to get it passed and get it to the state so we can get that funding. When you're dealing with things like that, you can't pay for it and get reimbursed. You have to use that funding for it. There are so many guidelines for it, you have to pass that resolution quickly and get it to the state."

The council introduced Alex Morris as its new Accounting Manager in Payroll and Human Resources. Morris is a military spouse who moved to Fort Polk from Fort Shafter in Hawaii and was at Fort Belvoir in Virginia before that.

Pam Simon, the new Administrative Assistant for the City Planning Office

was also introduced at the meeting.

The council discussed construction in the city and said it will try to keep the public updated with road closings on its Facebook page.