Haleigh Lebato

Arrested: 6-5-18

Age: 26

Charge(s): two counts of Theft, one count of Entry on or remaining on land or in place where forbidden, and one count of Simple Burglary.

Bond: $34881

Brian Robinson

Arrested: 6-5-18

Age: 46

Charge(s): with one count of Criminal Trespass, one count of Unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, and one outstanding Bench Warrant.

Bond: $28795

Justin Williams

Arrested: 6-6-18

Age: 37

Charge(s): one count of Criminal Mischief, one count of Simple Burglary, one count of Theft, and one count of Illegal Possession of Stolen Goods.

Bond $ 101500

Logan Chase Demeritt

Arrested: 6-6-18

Age: 29

Charge(s):one count of Video Voyeurism.

Bond: $ 25000

Skyler Vanpatten

Arrested: 6-7-18

Age: 22, of Leesville

Charge(s): one count of entry on or remaining on land or in place where forbidden.

Bond: $881

Derrick Ducantel

Arrested: 6-7-18

Age: 45

Charge(s): outstanding Bench Warrant.

Bond: $5000

William Pugh


Age: 47

Charge(s): one count of Misapplications of Payments.

Bond $10000

Joann Easterling

Arrested: 6-8-18

Age: 58

Charge(s): Outstanding Bench Warrant for Contempt of Court Bond: $2500

Dalton Hallady

Arrested: 6-8-18

Age: 28

Charge(s): one out of jurisdiction warrant for Failure to Pay Child Support.

Bond: $ 23267