The Village of Simpson held a special meeting Monday night to start taking steps toward deciding whether or not to make the chief of police an elected or appointed position.

Simpson will put that decision in the hands of the voters in November during the Congressional Election, when they will vote on whether or not to give the Mayor Vickie Standifer and the council the ability to appoint the police chief.

"It was pretty cut and dry," Simpson City Clerk Quana Beard said. "There was a little bit of confusion in the community members over exactly what it was about. There was a good conversation about it.

"It's actually because the mayor and the alderman have had a lot of community members contact them about why they can't appoint and making the Chief of Police more like an employee of the village."

The council also passed its budget for 2018-19, which would lead to a projected $23,150 profit for Simpson.

For the first time, Simpson has policies and procedures in place for its employees after adopting an ordinance to put one in place.

"By the LMA (Louisiana Municipality Association), we are required as a municipality to have policies and procedures. Apparently, that was never done here," Beard said. "I know when they were audited last year, they were dinged on it. We wanted to get up-to-date here."

The lists serves a manual for Simpson's employees to deal with subjects ranging from workplace conduct to budget policies.