With school out and Friday nights cleared up from sports, community members have an alternative to sitting around at home with their families.

The city of Leesville will hold monthly concerts with food trucks and activities with bigger plans in the future.

"You get off Friday and you got to the restaurant," Director of Planning Grant Bush said. "That's fine, but what are you going to do after that? Usually you get in the car and don't know where you want to go. We provided something else, and that is food and music."

Friday night marked the first of the summer with the band Peas and Cornbread playing blues and country music and a food truck from Ohh Taste and See Dinner providing fried foods on a stick.

"This is something I thought about doing, and they've done some things in the past here, no doubt," Bush said. "It kind of stalled, and this is something I came up with from seeing other cities and what they do."

With high temperatures throughout the summer and football commanding fall weekends, Bush wants the event to keep evolving after a successful debut summer last year.

"We want to keep it going on regularly, and that's the key: keeping it regular so people know it's here," he said. "We did deal with a lot of heat last year in July, but we made it five different weekends in a row. We had some good turnouts, averaging around 150 people. We tried it again for the spring, but April brought a lot of showers.

"What I envisioned when I started this is that it would take on its own life and manage itself as a food truck park. There are a number of places like that where it is enclosed in, and kids can come in and have a good time and people can dance to music. It's just something that is always there."