The Vernon Lake Dam has been under constant surveillance by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) since August 2017, after Tropical Storm Harvey made its way over Southwest Louisiana. The resulting damage from the storm and to Vernon Lake’s slides has been in the process of repair for nearly eight months.

During the regular VPPJ meeting Monday, District Dam Inspector Bradley Sticker discussed the process so far in repairing the dam, and where the DOTD hopes to be with repairs in the near future.

DOTD recently provided updates regarding the timetable for the repairs in a news release. The release stated the timeframe for repairs will extend into 2019. The release stated that the contract for the project should be let in the winter of 2018, while actual construction would not start up until spring of 2019, with a projected completion the following summer.

Sticker corroborated the new time frames, but he seems optimistic in meeting and even moving ahead of the timetables. “I know that those dates look really far out in the news release,” Sticker said. “But I would just say that in looking at this thing and what had happened to us prior to this point, that’s pretty much what we feel like is a worst case scenario if there’s any glitches or unforeseen things. We feel like we should be able to meet those timelines, but I will give you assurances, we are working expeditiously to be well ahead of those timelines.”

Sticker also said they hope to expedite the review process in order to speed up the contract let in process.

“Now to give you a firm fixed date on when that’s gonna happen, I can’t right at this point, but we should be ahead of that timeline that we just published.”

The Finance committee met on Monday, June 11 to discuss and recommend the police jury approve the purchase of the following software programs: Microix Requisition Module, Microix Timesheet Module and Timeclocks.

The Ways and Means Committee recommended the jury approve the request from the VP Tourism commission to re-appoint Tracy Kerlin to another three-year term, as well as to appoint Pat Martinez-Triplett to fill the vacancy of Carolyn Melder who has resigned.

VPPJ will hold a public hearing at 10 a.m. on Monday, July 16 during a regular meeting to hear public input on the ordinance to abandon the last 397 feet of Ira Street, District 10, Ward 1. The ordinance would leave the first 1,345.40 feet of Ira Street, beginning at Pine Road, in the road maintenance system.