Summer reading brings out the best in children, helping to give them a drive to learn more and to engage themselves in wonders that only books can offer. Of course, every now and then, a different approach can be taken to make learning fun and interesting, and that’s exactly what the Vernon Parish Library incorporated this past Wednesday.

From the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Vernon Parish library took kids on a wild journey with the Houston Discovery Dome. The inflatable dome gave kids the chance to learn about all corners of the natural world in a fun and engaging way. Surrounded by a projection show, the children in attendance learned all about key facts and trivia regarding our solar system, the prehistoric lands ruled by the dinosaurs, the Earth’s rotational axis and tectonic plates, and so much more.

The Vernon Parish Library has proven that learning can be a fun and engaging process, and there’s only more surprises to be had for the kids involved as the Summer Reading Program continues on.