After going through the routine monthly meeting, Leesville Mayor Rick Allen gave special recognition to a long-standing member of the community.

Allen presented Rev. Maurice Johnson the Citizen Commitment Recognition certificate for his commitment to bettering Leesville and the surrounding community.

"Every board and everything I'm involved with, he's there, and he's 80-something," Allen said. "He puts us young people to shame, he really does. He goes to every funeral and goes for hospital visits. If our young people could grasp a hold on a icon like him and get just a piece of his work ethic, we would be a great community."

Rev. Johnson can be seen attending community events and is actively involved with several different organizations and groups across the parish.

"All I can say is thank you," Johnson said while addressing the council. "I was sent here by the Lord. I really didn't want to come back to Leesville. I really wanted to make my home in San Antonio, Texas. But the Lord said I will send you back to Leesville and show you what I can do. So the little boy that grew up here, had one suit and who was raised in New Llano, which was a colony at the time, God elevated me into the ministry, and I served many on the council in New Llano.

"All of this is the Lord, and I promise you, Mayor, that I will do everything I can do further the progress of Leesville and the Fort Polk."

Monday's meeting marked the final one for District 3 Councilman Danny Dowd, who served 20 years. Dowd will be replaced by Nicole Ybarra at the next meeting.

"I want to thank this council for working with me and doing everything they could for me," Dowd said. "Again, all the city employees and department heads that have been there forever and a day."

The council also introduced new Code Enforcement Officer Jeff Denman at the end of the meeting.