Outpatient Medical Center in Leesville took time to reflect on the progress it has made over the last year with an open house.

Outpatient Medical Center has expanded its services while adding to its staff in an emerging medical center in the Leesville community.

"The community health center model only works with the love and support of the community," Outpatient Medical Center, Inc. CEO Carl Walters II said. "These folks made it very, very clear when I came into town that they wanted this system to survive. They have supported us unconditionally.

"We have an outstanding staff here now. All of our clinicians are board certified. We have clinicians that we have in this system or just as qualified, if not more qualified, than some of the clinicians you have in the community."

What makes Outpatient Medical Center unique is its payment plan options and not turning away anybody for medical care, regardless of their financial situation.

"Sometimes the community think that clinics such as ours are just for the poor," Walters II said. "The reality of it is that Outpatient Medical Center doesn't run clinics. We run multi-million dollar integrated health centers. I think it's important for folks to know that even though we do run services for the uninsured, we are really here to provide care for anyone who wants to in our system. The only difference between us and other medical systems out there is that we receive federal funds to make sure that anyone that needs access to services can come here.

"We don't want one’s ability to pay be a barrier to care. At the end of the day, we understand that our patient population encompasses everyone."

Outpatient Medical Center has been in its building at 908 South 10th St. in Leesville for over 30 years, but with additions to the staff and expanding services, it may need to build out its current offices.

The open house, itself, provided food and drinks for community members, as well as tours of the facilities to the public.

"This event was to thank the community for their love and support and also to show the community that we are true to our word," Walters II said. "We said we were going to stabilized and strengthen it. We wanted them to see that."