Citizens will have an opportunity to settle legal issues regarding traffic incidents in Beauregard Parish.

District Attorney James Lestage and his office have announced the return of the Beauregard Traffic Amnesty Program.

The program will operate from July 2 through August 3. During this period, late fees for unresolved traffic citations will be waived.

In addition to waiving late fees, citizens who have had their driver’s licenses suspended will receive assistance in getting them back. Those with outstanding bench warrants in relation to a traffic citations will have the opportunity to resolve the warrants without arrest.

This is the second year of the program, and its intention is to help citizens resolve these issues that many neglect.

It is the belief of the District Attorney’s Office that this program will bring resolution to these issues, and benefit the citizens.

“This is a way for us to help people take care of their responsibilities,” Lestage said. “This is going to allow many people to get their driver’s licenses back, and help them resolve these issues easily before they become worse.”

The idea came after one of his assistant’s recommended it. Lestage considers last year’s program a success. “One of my assistant’s brought the idea to me and suggested we do the program after he saw similar programs be effective for other parishes. When I heard the idea, I thought it was something that could be beneficial to the people of Beauregard Parish.”

Citizens are advised to contact the Traffic Department at the Beauregard Parish District Attorney's Office by calling (337) 463-5578 to be a part of this year’s program.