A DeRidder man who murdered his step-mother and step-brother in 1983 may be granted parole eligibility.

It will be determined on July 6, with Judge Kerry Anderson presiding, whether or not Aaron Hauser, 52, should be granted parole eligibility. He was sentenced to two back-to-back life sentences for the 1983 murder of his stepmother, Joan Hauser and his 17 year-old step brother, John J. Leidig, at their farmhouse near DeRidder.

The hearing is the result of increased legislation signed by Governor John Bel Edwards earlier this year.  Part of the legislation allows those with life sentences who were under 18 years of age at the time of their crime to potentially be granted parole eligibility.

Aaron was 17 when he committed the murders. At the time, he pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty.

Assistant District Attorney Richard Morton is advocating that Aaron remain in jail and not be granted parole eligibility.

At a late April hearing, several people who are connected to both Aaron and his victims, had the opportunity to speak about Aaron’s possible parole eligibility.

Aaron’s father George Hauser condemned his son’s actions. He emphasized that Aaron should not be eligible for parole.  “I don’t think he should be released,” George said. “If he is released somehow, I don’t want him to return to Beauregard Parish. If he gets out, there is no way that he could be a productive member of society.”

John’s father, George Leidig, also spoke at the hearing in April. In the time between his son’s murder and today, he has become a pastor. He said spiritual redemption is possible, but that Aaron should be released. “I believe that all can be saved and forgiven by God. However, my opinion has not changed. I think he should stay,” said George.

He communicated with Aaron and even forgiven him. However, George claims that when he did not respond to one of Aaron’s letters from prison, he received several angry and inappropriate letters from Aaron.

Anderson granted Aaron’s attorney time and $3500 in funding to obtain an expert to evaluate Hauser’s psychological state. The results of Hauser’s psychological evaluation have not been revealed at this time.