New Llano Mayor Freddie Boswell entered into a packed town hall chambers Tuesday night to a room full of family members and supporters to celebrate his final meeting as mayor.

Boswell was presented with plaques and kind words for his final send off after 20 years.

"The meeting was outstanding," Boswell said. "It was a shock to me because I didn't know anything about it. I didn't know they were doing it, but I thought it was great and wonderful. I enjoyed it."

The town has gone through several changes throughout his tenure as mayor and as a citizen, which Boswell is very proud of.

"I've been here since 1948 and have been mayor for 20 years," Boswell said. "Everything that we have got here has my name on it. I'm proud of everything here. I'm proud of the town and proud of the people. There's not one certain thing that I'm more proud of it. I just love New Llano."

The final gift given to Boswell was probably the biggest, as Councilwomen Caroline Todd made an amendment to the agenda and made a motion to rename the park to Freddie Boswell Community Park.

Boswell was presented with a large sign baring his name and photo on it.

"I built the park, and I designed it. It's really special to me," Boswell said. "I was very, very shocked."

Denis Jordan replaces Boswell after winning the election in March, and Boswell said during the meeting that he is there to help Jordan out with any questions that he has in the future.

While he may no longer be the Mayor of New Llano, Boswell plans to stay active in the community he has dedicated a lot of his life and time toward.

"I go out June 30 and he comes in July 1 and gets sworn in on the July 2," Boswell said. "I'm still going to be here and be involved in stuff. I bought a place on the lake where I can go, but I still have my house in New Llano. I have a lot of property here, so I don't have to go anywhere. I'm still going to be involved and be part of the town."