NEW LLANO – The town of New Llano swore in its council and new mayor, and residents should expect changes soon.

Mayor Denis Jordan and councilwoman Lesley Poteat joined previous members of the council after the swearing in Monday morning at the New Llano Town Hall.

Jordan replaces previous mayor Freddie Boswell, who was mayor for 20 years, after winning the election in March.

"It feels really good," Jordan said. "I'm looking forward to serving the community that elected me and moving forward and doing well for the future.

"I wanted to see our town move forward. I think we got a little stagnant as some point, but I think together, as a community, we can come together and push on."

Jordan, a former New Llano Police Officer, plans on digging into the issues he sees as soon as he can, including restoring the police department that was a victim of budget cuts.

"We have a couple of projects started. We would like to finish the fire station," he said. "We need to look at rebuilding our fire department and our police department. We need to get the services our town deserves back and running.

"It's been a bumpy road. Luckily, the Sheriffs Office was able to step in and help out and the Sheriff is still helping out as much as they can. He is doing our job for us, which now, we're rebuilding our police department."

Poteat joins Ervin Wilson, Sr., Carolyn Todd, Charlotte McHenry Cooper and Terry Speicher on the council.

"I was just concerned citizen that got tired of complaining and wanted to be part of the process," she said.

"I plan on bringing energy to the town, but I mostly want to express what the citizens want. To me, that's what a councilperson is."

Poteat is a New Llano native and has been around the council members for most of her life.

"Being that I'm born and raised here, I know all of them," Poteat said. "I'm the youngest one, and a lot of them have known me since I was a child. Hopefully, the take me seriously, because I plan on being very serious.

"I just want to thank everybody that supported me. Even the people who didn't support me will be impressed during the next four years."