The Vernon Parish Sheriff's Office is seeking information regarding the whereabouts of Gail Bernard Odom, age 44, of Leesville.

Odom is wanted on an active warrant regarding Criminal Neglect of Family ~ Child Desertion.

VPSO received a report of a male juvenile who had been abandoned by his mother. Upon further investigation the juvenile indicated that he returned to his residence after staying the night with a friend and found that his mother and sister had moved from the location.

The juvenile indicated that he has no information as to where his mother had moved. Information obtained by VPSO indicated that Odom told several people various stories about where she was moving too.

The juvenile has not heard from his mother since May 24th. Odom has made no attempt to locate her child, make arrangements for the care of the child, or check on the child's well being.

The juvenile is currently being cared and provided for by the parents of a friend of the juvenile.

Odom may be in the Rapides or Avoyelles Parish area.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Odom should contact VPSO at 337-238-1311 / Crime Stoppers 337-239-2233.

You do not have to give your name ~ a code number will be assigned to you.