Right now, a red barn on the east side of 171 in New Llano is under construction, but in less than two months it will be a full-fledge distillery.

Long Walker Distillery will provide three different types of liquor in a different setting than most bars in the area.

"I've been making whiskies my entire life," William Rowell said.

"During my time in the military, as I was getting ready to retire out, I made different clear liquors for friends and families. I got tired of drinking clear liquors, so I figured out how to flavor it. I started using hickory chips and different woods from different countries. On top of that, I'll be retiring from special forces so I've been all over the world. I was able to use some of the techniques from the people I met."

The distillery is the brainchild of William and Kristin Rowell with the goal of giving Louisiana and the area a brand to hang their hat on.

"There are bars here, but we're not like the typical bar," Kristin said.

"There's not going to be lights or a dance floor. It's more of a comfortable place for wives to meet up and have a meeting or any kind of conference or just to chill out with your friends without music blaring in your ears."

Long Walker will create three different types of liquor: a single-malt rye whiskey, an Italian-style cello and a potato vodka, all made on the premises.

"I do an infusion flavoring with wood chips," William said. "It saves on the wood you use. You don't do a lot of waste product, like the barreling. I'm also able to speed up the process.

"In about two weeks, I can get 20 years of flavor in there."

William got the idea following some feedback from big-time liquor companies.

"A couple of my friends were up in Tennessee and Pennsylvania, and they gave it to some of the Bacardi executives and the Maker's Mark CEO," he said.

"They wanted my recipe, and about the time, I said 'they're not going to get my recipes.' But I thought we should take this on ourselves. We thought it would be great idea as I get ready to retire out to take on this little endeavor, and get something for this small town. It's a central hub, although it's a small town, we have one of the largest training areas in the world."

Not only will the still be on site, Long Walker will have a full bar, signature drinks and food trucks with bi-weekly events, such as concerts, going on.

With no background in building a business from the ground up, William and Kristen have a mix of stress and excitement throughout the process.

"Entrepreneurship is a constant stepping stone of dismissing your ignorance and learning the process," William said.

"I didn't go to school for small business. I went for multi-disciplinary engineering. There's not too much business in that. We didn't have many mentors because there are only two or three micro distilleries in this state. There wasn't much guidance on it."

Long Walker will also provide custom bottles with laser etched logo and names.

They are also offering laser engraved floor tiles for individuals, businesses and military units for $50.

The Rowells also want to give back to the community and charities and will offer customers a chance to round up their purchase, with the additional charge going to where it is needed.

Long Walker is planning a soft opening with Chamber of Commerce on August 10 with a hard launch to follow around August 17.

"Everyone is going through the long walk in life," William said. "I come from the Green Beret Special Forces, and part of our selection process is going through the long walk. We're all long walkers, from that perspective."